Murder & Mystery Party Games

 Murder Mystery Games Welcome to the home of murder, mystery and intrigue found in every one of our murder mystery games.

A murder mystery game can be played almost anywhere at anytime, provided the guests can cope with deceit, treachery and murder.

Murder mystery games are ideal for social events, fundraising nights as well as an intriguing game at home over dinner.

Murder mystery parties are very popular whether played with family, friends or with a corporate group.

We specialise in GAMES!

That’s all we do = we present the world’s most popular murder mystery games.

Our games are complete, ready to go, sold online, downloaded (immediate), in no time you are sending out invitations.

How is a Murder Mystery Game played ?

Each guest (including host) becomes a character, except ‘someone’ has committed a murder.

During the game, everyone tries to work out who the murderer is, while the murderer tries to avoid detection.

Why Buy Our Games?

Our games are exclusive – direct from the author. You won’t find them in the shops or anywhere else.

Each game comes complete with a set of instructions, character sheets, clues and props – everything you need to host an unforgettable evening.  Simply add guests.

Running your own murder mystery game is easy to do.

  • Decide how many players
  • Select a murder mystery game
  • Purchase and download
  • Read the instructions
  • Choose a date and a venue
  • Print invitations, profiles and props
  • Send out the invitations
  • Have a deadly time!

Get started!

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