About Hosts

An alternative to hosting a murder mystery party yourself is to hire a professional murder mystery game host.

A host will help you organise the party by guiding your guests through the murder mystery game, ensuring everyone has a great time.

A professional host who help you plan and organise your party, send out invitations to your guests, give advice on locations (games are great fun held in restaurants, trains and boats), dates, times and even what to wear.

Some will help you host the game at home, while others prefer to work in commercial establishments like hotels and restaurants.

International Hosts

D.I.Y Hosting

Hosting a party is not hard.  It requires a good game, pre-planning and following the instructions.

  1. Decide how many players
  2. Decide when
  3. Buy a game
  4. Follow the included instructions
  5. Send out invites


Item’s you may consider, but are not mandatory

  • Make your guests dress in costume
  • Decorate for the game
  • Some games have small props, consider improving the props
  • Decide on food = snacks, grazing, buffet, sit down dinner
  • Decide on drinks = alcohol, soft drinks, BYO
  • End of Night = cleaning, transport,

Must Do