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Zeppelin Airship Murder is a fabulous murder mystery game for 10 guests.  Ideally played over dinner, you and your guests are to dine at the Captain’s table. You arrive on time but the Captain is not there to greet his personal guests. Word arrives of a disturbance in the observation room and the Captain is missing – presumed dead. Who killed the Captain and why?

The Zeppelin Airship Murder is easily on of our most popular games.

It is also one of our oldest games, but that does not stop this being one of the best murder mystery games of all time.

Yes, you are looking for a murder amoungst your guests.  One of your friends murdered the captain of the Zeppelin Airship, believe it or not.  It is you and your friends job to figure out who is the murderer.

This is an excellent game to play over dinner.  It also has an excellent theme to invite your guests to dress up in 1930’s costumes.

A murder mystery game for 10 guests.

Zeppelin Airship Murder – Murder Mystery Game

The year is 1931 and the Airship “Titan” is on its 10th voyage across the Atlantic from Europe to the USA. The passenger list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the rich, famous and glamorous globe trotters.

You have been invited to dine at the Captain’s table tonight as the Airship glides majestically over the calm ocean below. You are dressed for dinner and arrive on time but the Captain is not there to greet his personal guests. Finally, word arrives of a disturbance in the observation room and the Captain is missing – presumed dead. But who killed the Captain and why?

The suspects and guests are:

  • Robin DeVault – a hugely wealthy and powerful merchant banker. He is an American citizen who often travels on the “Titan” to attend important business in London.
  • Annette Ballsover – a double winning Wimbledon Ladies Tennis Champion. Extremely competitive, she travels widely to participate in Tennis Grand Slam championships.
  • Pete Bog – Explorer and Travel Writer. There are very few places that he has not visited and written about. He is always in demand to give speeches at universities around the world and to write articles in prominent journals about his exploits.
  • Olive Brioche – A passenger. Author of exotic Recipe and Cookbooks. All her books have been best sellers and she has become very wealthy indeed. Her recipes are used at the best hotels and restaurants around the world.
  • Jock Sway – A First World War fighter pilot from Scotland. Considered a hero in his time, He is very eccentric and his love for flying is as strong now as ever.
  • Miss Jane Highkick – A Chorus Line dancer from New York. She is currently appearing in a long running Broadway show. She loves the life of the theatre and the buzz of performing on stage.
  • Bob Wrench – the Chief Engineer aboard the “Titan”. He has many years of engineering experience both in civil and military aviation. He is serious about his job and likes to get his hands dirty.
  • Lady Axeminster – an aristocrat from England. An extremely wealthy widow whose long-deceased husband was Lord of the Manor. She is comfortable with her wealth and status and dislikes the concept of entrepreneurs and “new money”.
  • Ray Zondett – a prominent Trade Unionist. Renown for his plain speaking and unending hard work in support of workers’ rights. Not always popular in the world of business, commerce and industry.
  • Miss Stephie Scope – The Airship’s Nurse. Stephie is a simple yet happy individual who enjoys socialising with the rich and famous people aboard the “Titan”.

This is easily one of our most popular games, so if you are planning on a party of 8-10 guests, then this comes highly recommended


This is a game for 10 people including the host.

  • 10 Players (5 male and 5 female)

What’s Included

  • Instructions & Tips
  • Introduction
  • Announcement to Guests
  • Ideas for costumes
  • Player Story Books
  • Player Clues
  • Player Name Tags
  • Invitations

The story and characters in this Murder Mystery are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.


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3 reviews for Zeppelin Airship Murder

  1. Gaylene

    We play these games a lot so I feel justified in saying how good this game was.

    From the opening line until the murderer was revealed, the game had the entire family involved.

  2. Shimila

    Just wanted to let you know that the murder mystery game was a roaring success!

    We had a great night and the storyline kept us guessing for quite some time.

    Thanks so much!


  3. Jeanette

    Thank you so much for this game.

    Our friends enjoyed a wonderful evening that we will always remember.

    It surpassed all our expectations.

    Thank you!