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about_murderandmysterySince 1998 we have specialized in ‘murder and mystery’ games, earning international recognition as the world’s leading online retailer of murder mystery games.

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We don’t just sell any games, we’ve played every game and rated it.  Being honest, many games do not make the grade.

Every game must be enjoyable, fun to play, a challenge and rate highly.

Another important point of difference is we only sell games suitable for ADULTS.  Murder, deceit and trickery are not suitable themes for children regardless of what you read.  We suggest parents that are looking for children’s games, go and buy a pinata.

Our games are suitable for adults (18+), in English.  We apologise to our foreign language speaking friends.

Murder Mystery Games is a RIPEFRUIT publication, internet publisher.

We are committed to providing the very best murder mystery games, venues and information.

Our games suppliers have been selected for their innovative and exciting games, secure purchase facilities and support should you need it.

Murder mystery nights and dinner parties have become a popular form of entertainment with it’s unique blend of mystery and intrigue, food and mixing with friends and family.

We trust you will thoroughly enjoy hosting a murder mystery party with one of our games

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