Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is a murder mystery game?

A murder mystery game is an interactive clue game.  A host is required to manage the game, and in most games they participate and play as well.

A game can be played almost anywhere, at any time.  Games are excellent fun for adults (16+) and do not require additional skills other than common sense and a sense of humour.

Is anything else required to play a game?

Our games include everything required to play game including instructions, invitations, props and character profiles.

The only additional items you may require will be specific to your game like food, drinks and costumes.

Creating the game after download requires:

  • Printer (mono)
  • A4 Paper (80gsm – standard weight)
  • Staples

Optional extras: laminator (name tags), adhesive tape (attach name tags), A4 120gsm for cover pages.

All games are in downloadable PDF Format.

Games are sold online in our games shop, checkout and downloaded immediately after payment.

Buying A Game

If the game shows a BUY GAME button, the link will take you to a 3rd Party vendor web site to purchase and download the game.

If the game shows a ADD TO CART button, there are two ways of paying for the game.

  1. Method 1: Add to Cart, to pay by Credit Card using SecurePay (SSL) processing
    Method 2: PayPal Checkout (yellow button) fast pay
  2. Checkout =  Name and address not required.
  3. Select PayPal to pay securely online with a credit card or PayPal Account.
  4. After payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can immediately download your game.

* Credit Cards = Visa and MasterCard.  PayPal (with or without account).

“Ripefruit” will appear on bank statements as the payment processor.

After printing the game?

Assign each guest a character, complete and send out invitations.  If you decide to make it a dress-up game, then tell your guests.

At the start of the game the host hands out the guest booklets, each describing the characters and clues. Neither the host or the players are required to learn any complicated background or memorise any lines – everything is in the guest booklets.

How long does a game last?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the game.  Everything from the number of players, venue, interruptions and the general speed in which the game is played all influence how long the game takes.

In general, games generally take between 1.5 to 3 hours.

Will I be able to view and print the game?

 Click to visit Adobe and download Acrobat Reader

Yes, easily. The games have been produced using Adobe Acrobat software, which means it is easy to download and print.  Adobe Acrobat software is world-class software freely available to download and install on your computer in a few short minutes.  You may already have the software installed, in which case all you need do is open the game file and your software will do the rest.

You may download the reader (free) and install it on your computer (Automatic self installation) by clicking on the Acrobat Reader button or the link below. It really is quite easy and self loading.

Are these games suitable for me?

The games are in English suitable for adults 16+.  The games involve adult themes including, drugs and romance ideally suited for open-minded, intelligent people prepared to have a good time.

Do you have games for children?

Please understand, murder mystery games are written for “adults” with the subject being murder and deceit.

Our experience shows that children simply do not understand the finer points of a murder mystery game and therefore don’t enjoy it as much as adults do.

How many players ?

The best approach is to decide “who” you are going to invite which then tells you “how many” players are required.

Each game has been designed for a specific “number” of characters, although some games allow for extra players.

The best games are for small groups (8-14 players).  If you are looking for a game for 15+ players, we highly recommend hiring a HOST.  Games of this size (14+) require specialist assistance and know-how to keep the game going.

Male / Female Characters

Often, games are for the right number of players but not the right male/female characters.  Some of the best games we’ve played involved playing characters of the opposite sex.  Both men and women enjoyed dressing up as the other sex and acting in a new role.  You just have to pick the right people.

Fundraising Events

Many websites will tell you murder mystery games are ideal for fundraisers… rubbish.  The majority of games (20+ players) requires a specialist host with an understanding of the game, managing big groups and fundraising techniques.  Although not good for our business, we recommend considering a TRIVIA night for fundraisers.

Best tips ?

Besides “watch your back” (we’re only joking), we invite you to read: Tips for Hosting a Murder Mystery.

Hosting a party is not hard.  It requires a good game, pre-planning and following the instructions.

  1. Decide how many players
  2. Decide when
  3. Buy a game
  4. Follow the included instructions
  5. Send out invites

Item’s you may consider, but are not mandatory

  • Make your guests dress in costume
  • Decorate for the game
  • Some games have small props, consider improving the props
  • Decide on food = snacks, grazing, buffet, sit down dinner
  • Decide on drinks = alcohol, soft drinks, BYO
  • End of Night = cleaning, transport,

Boxed Games

Murder Mystery Game in a box

Some games we recommend from Dinner & Murder Games (USA) are available boxed.

Boxed games are real cardboard boxes with the game, invitations and props inside are posted to the buyer.

Boxed games are more expensive than downloaded games.

Boxed Games from Dinner & Murder Games are shipped by UPS from the United States on the next business day and take 8-21 business days to arrive.  Cost for shipping is displayed during checkout after the delivery address is entered but conveniently ‘before’ payment details are requested.  Visit Dinner & Murder Games

The difference between downloaded games and boxed games = the box.   A downloaded game can be printed on a home printer, multiple times, on thicker paper (invitations and props).

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Who is selling each game?

We sell games on behalf of the author and owner of the game.  In some cases, the Buy Now link takes you to another web site, connects to a secure web site where you enter your payment details and then download the game.

We ensure each game is sold is secure and credible. Since 1998, hundreds of satisfied happy customers have downloaded our games and enjoyed Murder Mystery nights.

Can you run a murder mystery game / event for me?

We don’t host games, but we do have a comprehensive list of hosts (Australia) that specialise in hosting Murder Mystery games.

Other questions

If you require any further information please contact us Click Here