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It’s 1961. The world’s richest man – Jerry Oilman – has invited anybody who is anybody to his birthday party – the biggest party of all time. Jerry Oilman is an extremely wealthy man. He also has the misfortune of being a very short man.

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It’s 1961. The world’s richest man – Jerry Oilman – has invited anybody who is anybody to his birthday party – the biggest party of all time. Jerry Oilman is an extremely wealthy man. He also has the misfortune of being a very short man.

He made his money in oil. He is eccentric and notorious for his collection of stuffed bats. These hideous black winged creatures hang from the walls and ceiling of his house spooking everyone who enters. Some people consider Jerry Oilman quite batty. Others are less polite.

Tonight Jerry has invited a host of rich and famous people. For example, Marilyn Monroe is here looking for the perfect man. And when you get this many big names together you know there’s sure to be conflict. What Jerry hadn’t foreseen, and what you don’t know, is that something sinister and frightening is about to take place. You will all be asked to work out who is the villain behind this dastardly crime – a crime that will take us all the way to the graveside.

Sample character descriptions

The most famous guests present at the party are:

Fred Astaire I am a debonair man and I have sung and danced like no other. People say I gave Ginger class and she gave me sex appeal. I practice all the time.

Ginger Rogers I am a dazzling singer, dancer and actor. I won an Academy Award for “Kitty Foyle”. When I retired from Hollywood fame, I bought a dairy farm. I am very attached to my dairy cows.

Jimi Hendrix I know I am going to be one of the most daring, inventive and influential rock guitarists. But at present, I’m still in the army.

Janis Joplin I am the first goddess of rock. I have a raw iron soul and sing like a blues mamma. I keep begging God to buy me a Mercedes Benz, but so far he hasn’t.

John Wayne – The Duke I was born Marion Robert Morrison and I have never legally changed my name to John Wayne. I’ve been far more than a just film cowboy. I am a legend – a man who commands respect.

Marilyn Monroe I am a sex goddess, singer, actor and model. I spent part of my childhood unloved in an orphanage but now I’m loved by all the men in the world. I am a member of the “Rat Pack”.

Elvis Presley I am the King of Rock ‘N Roll. I am also known for moving my pelvis when I perform. I have acted in a large number of movies. I am religious, but I’m not a saint.

Judy Garland I have sung and danced in thirty-two feature films and I am one of the world’s greatest entertainers. I am a member of the “Rat Pack”.

Bruce Lee I am a martial arts master and star of many films such as “Enter The Dragon”. I also starred in the TV series “The Green Hornet”. As a child I saw a ghost as a black shadow.

Rita Hayworth I am an actress, singer and dancer. Some people have branded me as the screen’s sultry love goddess. I married a prince. My face was painted onto the A-bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima in 1946.

Groucho Marx I am the most famous of the Marx Brothers and I am known for my one-liners about elephants and pajamas and so on. I set fire to the first film we made as the Marx Brothers because I thought it was bad. I never work with children or animals except for Harpo.

Lucille Ball I am the lady who has made thousands of people laugh with my films and TV shows for over 50 years. I dye my hair red and I am not really a redhead.

Bob Marley I am going to put Reggae on the map. I am a Jamaican Rastafarian and I don’t eat salt because of my beliefs. I shot the sheriff (in one of my songs).

Patsy Cline I am a country music sensation with a voice people say is never to be forgotten. I started “entertaining” my neighbors when I was only three.

An extra 68 famous people roles are also available, plus 10 roles for authorities (eg police) and 8 roles for creatures (eg a black cat). If you are holding a Halloween party, you would definitely assign all of the creature roles. A trivia party game is also included in the meet and mingle version.


Groucho Marx: “I’d rather spend a night at the opera or a day at the races than listen to you lot.”

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Meet and mingle format: 17 to 100 guests – US$44.95


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